La Nave de los Monstruos Journal: Installment #1


We asked the members of ETHEL who are performing their original soundtrack to La Nave de los Monstruos (Ship of Monsters) here on Friday, October 30 in a co-presentation with Cinema Tropical and Williamstown Film Festival to tell us a little bit about the collaborative creative process that went into scoring the film.¬†¬† Ralph Farris, who plays the viola in this rocking string quartet provided the first installment which he entitles “Diving Under the Hood”

Ralph from ETHEL here. Greetings from sunny Manhattan!

ETHEL cannot wait to bring this show to North Adams!

We had a blast putting this live soundtrack together this season (thank you Rachel Chanoff!), and now we’re digging through the whole show, picking everything apart to bring YOU the most coolest day-before-Hallowe’en show y’all have ever seen!

Here’s what-all we’ve been up to of late:

Neil and I just finished two days of high-intensity working sessions together.

—¬†Yesterday was mostly concentrated on the big picture (“What was the name of that toy percussion instrument that you said we should get?”, etc.)¬† …And then I went out and bought me some of those toy percussion instruments. Don’t tell Neil, but his new recorder is green. Should go nicely with my new red slide whistle.
—¬†Today was digging into some particulars (“Are you SURE that we should play a-sharp minor for that funky groove? I mean, the monster seems so peaceful…”) …And then we copied DVDs and made sure we each had the same version of the score, as we are now about to step away from our respective home offices for a few days.

Dorothy has been doing some super-intensive ear training work — she’s been working with the original score, figuring out harmonic structures and melodic elements where we can accompany the already-awesome soundtrack. The result is a very cool blend of old-fashioned orchestral sci-fi awesomeness and lush, super-romantic, kitschy strings.

floating down the Mississippi now (really!); she had pounded out our tech rider and all of the lighting and sound cues before she paddled off. She also said she was gonna determine if that was an F-sharp or G in measure 15 of the overture…
Will check in next week with another update. See y’all on the 30th!

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Coincidence? You decide


If you want to get a feel for what the Purple Rain Sing A Long on Thursday will be like, listen to this excellent story from NPR about a recent presentation.

And just to fill your mind with trivia, our excellent performing arts intern Simon noted this morning that not only is this the 25th anniversary of the release of Purple Rain, but that the exact date of the release was the day Michael Jackson died these 25 years later.

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Four stars for All-Stars

Greg Haymes from Albany Times Union loved the All Stars concert on Saturday. We hope you did too.

AND a note about the Marathon this Saturday. We’ve been promoting the performance of the mixed media oratorio Shelter in conjunction with Ridge Theater but we should make it clear that the films for the work are by Bill Morrison and the projections are by Laurie Olinder. Don’t miss this great weekend of music.

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If this was today, imagine what tomorrow will be like

I will be posting a short highlight video from the Bang on a Can gallery recitals everyday. If you like what you see, consider joining us for these performances everyday (except Sundays) in the galleries at 1:30 and 4:30 through July 26, or go visit the MASS MoCA YouTube page for more information about the performances and higher quality videos of the 4:30 performances from each day.

Speaking of YouTube, I noticed this morning that we are ranked as the #40 most viewed non profit YouTube page of the day, and #53 of the week! We are going to be adding new video everyday while Bang on a Can is here, so keep visiting and help us move up the list.

If this was today, imagine what tomorrow will be like. (7/14/08)

Clips include Sean Conway (film, Scribble II), Bill Soloman (wood blocks), Rachael Hands (french horn), and Todd Reynolds (violin), Andrew Russo (piano), and Evan Ziporyn (clarinet) performing Igor Stravinsky’s L’Histoire du Soldat.

If this was today, imagine what tomorrow will be like. (7/15/08)

Clips include student directed chamber orchestra and Throw Back, Undo, and kleine helmet composed by Ken Thomson.


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Tell us about it!

We would love to know what you have to say about MASS MoCA. What did you think of the latest exhibition, event or performance? Write a review of anything and everything relating to MASS MoCA and then send it to me at We’ll pick visitor reviews to share on the blog. Please title all e-mails Patron Review and indicate whether we can post your review on our website.



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August 18 is North Adams Gallery opening day

Kolok Gallery, Eclipse Mill, and Beaver Mill Gallery, all in North Adams within a mile or so of MASS MoCA, will all have openings from 5 – 8 PM on Saturday, August 18. People can visit all three before the Laurel & Hardy films with live music from Steve Bernstein and the Millenial Territory Orchestra.

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