The Mango Tourists on Vacation

We asked visitors:  If Nari Ward’s Mango Tourists could be taken out of the museum and put anywhere, where would you put them?

  • Jamaica—At a Beach w/ Piña Coladas
  • Hanging upside down from the floor of the 3rd level of the Eiffel Tower
  • In a thunderstorm cloud
  • In a garden
  • In my front yard with Christmas Lights all around
  • Africa
  • I would put it on the museum roof
  • In my memory
  • Central Park! It would be cool to start a Sculpture Garden
  • Somerville, MA
  • Pier 6, NY, NY
  • Downtown North Adams Outside Park area
  • Hollywood!
  • In Lindenlea Park in Ottawa, ON
  • Along the wooded path at the Clark
  • A Parisian sculpture garden
  • Paris Pyramid Entrance to the Louvre
  • I like it where it is! (so do we!)
For now they’ll be at MASS MoCA until April 3, 2012.  Come visit the Mango Tourists!

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The good, the amazing, the M.Ward fiasco… Summer 2011

On her last day our wonderful marketing intern Kathryn offers these reflections on her summer at MASS MoCA.

Family dinner


The summer is coming to a close, and I cannot believe how fast my time at MASS MoCA came and went. I still feel like I just sat down at my desk for the first time, with a lovely note from the previous intern Marissa. Yet, in reality I’ve experienced a ton of new things, seen some amazing art and performances, and best of all, I’ve met some truly incredible people (especially my fellow Summer Interns of 2011: Porkshire Edition) Read the rest of this entry »

Posted August 25, 2011 by MASS MoCA
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Best of Winter 2011

The sun is shining, the birds are flying, and just when we thought winter would never end – summer is here and Bureau for Open Culture is kicking it off at MASS MoCA with Beer Garden!

Beer Garden? That sounds pretty great!…Well it is. And it’s happening THURSDAY MAY 27 and FRIDAY MAY 28 alongside the Hoosic River at MASS MoCA.  It is a platform for conversation, community, and beer.  Join us for discussions and local brews.

Don’t worry.  We’re not going to forget the amazing season we had this Winter/Spring.  Let’s review the Best Of’s for the 2011 Winter/Spring Season!

Best Way to Work Up a Sweat in January: Free Day and Bhangra Funk Dance Party

Best Icicle: The One on Geometric Death Frquency: 141

Best Use of the Audience: Rory Scovel

Best Opportunity to Watch Someone Sleep: Habit

Best Picture of Our Crew: This One. (by Danelle Cheney)

Best Double-Take Performance: The Low Anthem

(Club B10. March 5)

(Hunter Center. April 16)

Best Use of Leather: Tragedy

Best Before and After: Nari Ward Sub Mirgae Lignum

Best Sold Out Performance: Iron & Wine

So get out those tank tops. Slip into those flip-flops. And let’s get this party started THIS WEEKEND with Beer Garden, The Workers Opening Reception, and Rosanne Cash!

The best is yet to come…

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MASS MoCA would like to thank…

It was a pretty exciting weekend here at MASS MoCA. As most of you know, Iron & Wine rocked down the house in a SOLD OUT performance in the Hunter Center.

If you missed The Low Anthem’s SOLD OUT performance in March, hopefully you were able to see them open the show. (The Low Anthem is currently on tour with Iron & Wine.)

MASS MoCA would like to take this oppurnity to send another “Thank You” to our amazing volunteers. On Saturday, we held a ceremony with flowers, cookies, and lemonade to express our gratitude to our hard-working volunteers.

Our volunteers assist with every live event at MASS MoCA, help with giant mailing shipments, and always offer a friendly smile.

Don’t these cookies make you want to be a volunteer??

Let’s review.

Thank you to:

  • Iron & Wine
  • The Low Anthem
  • MASS MoCA volunteers
  • and Miss Danelle Cheney for the photos!

And don’t forget to visit our galleries to see Sub Mirage Lignum and Memery!

Posted April 19, 2011 by MASS MoCA
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“All progress occurs because people dare to be different.”- Harry Millner

Nari Ward has transformed Building 10 at MASS MoCA! We are very excited for this installation and wanted to share the progress with our hard-core blog readers.

The skeleton of a giant Jamaican fish-catcher is harboring an incredible amount of potential for awe and imagination.

The boat for Nu Colossus arrived at MASS MoCA today (very exciting)! The 30-foot boat will appear alongside the giant fish-catcher. The boat will look as though it is suspended in midair. (Note: The artist had to split the boat into smaller pieces to load it into our gallery.)

You could literally smell the hard work in Building 10 today. The aroma of sawdust and paint whisked in the air along with Nari and his busy assistants. Tools and materials were sprawled across the floor while a calm chaos was pushing the workers through this gigantic task. (That’s our amazing visual art intern, Rosalia, as she paints the sound-piece named, Stall.)

Stall allows it’s viewers/listeners to interact with the piece. Patrons will be able to walk onto the platforms and view textiles from Arnold Print Works while hearing noises from an actual Jamaican market filtering through the air.

Mango Tourist is nearing completion! The yellow material is burnt mattress foam- filled with mango seeds and hundreds of Sprague Electric capacitors! This piece is visually delicious. An unforeseen smile spreads across one’s face when you see these playful shapes.

The installation will open on April 3rd along with Memery; a retrospective that explores our relationship with the internet and how it affects our memory. In the meantime, check out Kidspace’s new exhibit, Color Forms II, this Saturday!

Dear Danelle Cheney, thank you for the photos. Love, MASS MoCA

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New installation on the way! Check out the progress.

Sub Mirage Lignum by Nari Ward will open April 3, 2011…but we couldn’t wait to talk about it! We chatted with Nari the other day to get an idea of what to expect for the new installation at MASS MoCA!

What you’re looking at in this picture are mango seeds…

Originally from Jamaica, Nari is using the installation to combine the past and the present. In the sculpture Mango Tourist, Nari uses materials such as mango seeds (a material from his past), and recovered Sprague Electric capacitors (as a reference to MASS MoCA i.e. the present).

Nari is giving “visual life to a creative force”. He is creating “visual energy” to juxtapose the image of reality and illusion.

You would think this installation would consume all of Nari’s time, but believe it or not, he’s ALSO studying for his U.S. citizenship test! Go Nari!

In the sculpture, Nu Colossus, Nari will use broken furniture pieces, a giant replica of a Jamaican fish trap, and a 30-foot boat that will look as though it is suspended in mid air!…MASS MoCA patrons will NOT be disappointed!

(New Colussus is a sonnet by Emma Lazarus that is engraved on a plaque in the Statue of Liberty.)

The installation will also include a sound piece that will feature actual recordings of a Jamaican market place. Patrons will hear the noises as they wander through a series of fabrics that were originally printed through the textile company that BUILT the MASS MoCA site, Arnold Print Works!

Sub Mirage Lignum by Nari Ward is “striving for illusion”. He’s trying to explore “what is there and what one desires.” Don’t miss the opening of this exciting new installation on April 3rd! And keep checking the blog for more updates!

Thanks to Danelle Cheney for the photos!!! =]

Posted March 14, 2011 by MASS MoCA
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