Best of 09'

Happy 2010! Last year my colleagues had such a fun time compiling their Best of 2008 lists that they requested that we do a Best of 09′ Blog! Below are our picks.

Noticing something we missed? Add your own Best of 09′ lists to the comments!

Best news story of 09’ (National)


  • * President Obama inaugurated.  (Staff favorite!)
  • * Balloon Boy.  (Rebecca R, Membership)
  • * Michael Jackson death/funeral. Following his death, MJ’s Facebook page earned the title of most popular celebrity Facebook page, beating out President Obama who previously held the record.  (Kacey, Kidspace)
  • * Senate passes health care reform bill.  (Daryn, Development)

Best art piece featured in the MASS MoCA Galleries


  • * Pawel Wojtasik’s Below Sea Level.  (Staff favorite!)
  • * Guy Ben-Ner’s Moby Dick.  (Amelia, Finance)
  • * Simon Starling’s  Nanjing Particles.  (Jodi, MM Store)
  • * Sam Taylor Wood’s Prelude in Air and Escape Artist.

    (Primary Colors) (Rebecca R.)

  • * Robert Taplin’s Everything Real Is Imagined (After Dante). (Meg, Performing Arts)

Best performance at MASS MoCA


  • * Dean and Britta 13 Most Beautiful Songs . (Katherine, Marketing)
  • * Bang on a Can performs Steve Reich’s Music for 18 Musicians.  (Daryn)
  • * Steve Reich on LeWitt; Emio Greco; MASS MoCA Music Fest.  (Sue, Performing Arts)
  • * Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings at the 10th Anniversary Ball.  (Rebecca R.)
  • * MASS MoCA music Fest and Anouk van Dijk DC: Shotz.  (Meg)

Best Non-MASS MoCA related event or art piece


  • * Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir at Sanctuary for Independent Media.  (Katherine)
  • * Misty Blues at The Alley. Gina Coleman and Justin Webster together must posses half of the entire lung capacity in all the Berkshires!  (Jodi)
  • * Through the Seasons: Japanese Art in Nature at the Clark Art Institute’s Stone Hill Center.  (Daryn)
  • * TBA Festival in Portland OR . (Sue)
  • * ICP’s Dress Code exhibition.  (Rebecca R.)
  • * Street Car Name Desire at Barrington Stage Company.  (Brittany, Marketing)

Best North Adams Event


  • * Beach Day. (Brittany)
  • * Fall Foliage Parade. Loved seeing all of the floats from the surrounding Areas. And MASS MoCA winning 3rd place float wasn’t too bad either…  (Cortney, Education)
  • * Downtown Celebration.  (Meg)
  • * DownStreet Art.  (Katherine & Sue)
  • * Mayoral election. Great to see people really come out and take a stand for the future of the city.  (Jodi)

Best statement overheard at MASS MoCA


  • * Said between two artists creating the Big Bang in You Art What You Eat: “Oh my God, we might run out of blue shark Gummies!”  (Laura, Kidspace)
  • * Overhead at HARDWARE: “I really love this store. It’s just as cool as the ICA store, except you can really buy stuff, because everything here is affordable.”  (Jodi)
  • * “You have to go check out the bathrooms. They’re the best part of the museum.”  (Rebecca R.)
  • * “This place keeps going and going and going like the Energizer bunny.”  (Meg)
  • * My 9 year old quoting Sol LeWitt to explain conceptual art to someone.  (Katherine)


  • * Best news about MASS MoCA in 2010:  Gramercy Bistro moving into the old Cafe Latino space.  (Rebecca R.)
  • * Best culinary discovery in North Adams: Jalapeno cheese tater tots at Jacks Hot Dogs. They aren’t listed on the regular menu, but are by far the BEST thing there!  (Cortney)
  • * Best Hardware retail item: Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine (please bring it back!)  (Daryn)
  • * Best new word added to the dictonary: Unfriend, the term used to remove someone from your Facebook profile, was named Oxford’s Word of the Year and added to the distionary in November, 2009.  (Kacey)
  • * Best themed days of the year: Talk like a pirate day and national post card writing day.  (Brittany)



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The case of the yellow puddles

I returned from my lunch this afternoon to find my 4th floor colleagues huddled around the windows overlooking our front courtyard.  Just what could be so interesting to create such commotion? Yellow puddles!

Apparently two young artists that were visiting the museum today took the opportunity to turn our rainy day puddles into yellow ‘works of art’.

These puddles sparked a debate amongst my art loving colleagues. Are these puddles art or are they vandalism? What good reason could someone have to turn perfectly good puddles yellow? Some of us like them, some of us don’t. What’s your take blog readers? Art or not?



Posted March 30, 2009 by Brittany Bishop
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They call me mellow yellow

On a weekly basis I go through all of our yellow information slips that patrons have filled out in order to receive a survey after their visit (and perhaps win some MM goodies). Occasionally I find hidden treasures tucked into the pile. For example this week as I was flipping through the stack I noticed the three following slips:

A plea,

a fabulous doodle,

and a special visitor.



PS. Information about our 10th Anniversary Ball (featuring Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings) is online and just went on sale. Get yours today!

Posted March 16, 2009 by Brittany Bishop
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Old Factory/New Power

From time to time  Joe Thompson, MASS MoCA’s Director, will let us know what’s on his mind.  Here’s his latest blog…

The previous two tenants of the great site we now occupy were forced to abandon the fort because of the costs of energy: Arnold Print Works literally went south, to avoid the energy transport costs of their raw materials.  And the oil crisis of the early 1970’s was in some ways the beginning of the end for the great Sprague Electric Company.

Making sure MASS MoCA isn’t the third to succumb to the costs of energy is at the very top of my “to do” lists.  Our artistic program is superb.  Our audiences are growing.  Our financial underpinning has improved markedly over the past 2 years.  But energy pricing still represents a huge institutional risk, and I want to put MASS MoCA on the other side of the supply & demand curve.

We’ve started, having installed one of the largest arrays of rooftop photovoltaic solar panels in the Northeast.  50 kilowatts is a very large array, but it’s a drop in the bucket for a huge campus like ours, generating only 4% of our total electrical need.  In conjunction with the solar initiative, we Read the rest of this entry »

Posted March 2, 2009 by Brittany Bishop
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MASS MoCA makes cents

MA QuarterThe U.S. Mint has asked Governor Deval Patrick to select one preferred and three alternate Massachusetts national sites to be featured on the reverse of a quarter in 2010. Governor Patrick is calling on the people of Massachusetts to help with this decision.

Included in the list of possible images is Arnold Print Works (MASS MoCA) as well as other Berkshire area sites. VOTE NOW to see your favorite Berkshire attraction on the back of the quarter!

You can vote as often as you would like until 5:00 p.m. February 26, 2009.

Posted February 13, 2009 by Brittany Bishop
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Why did the Cheshire Chicken cross the road?

To get to MASS MoCA’s Honky Tonk Dance Party! The Cheshire Chicken and AWESOME Honky Tonk band The Defibulators (Listen Now) hope to see you there!



Posted February 6, 2009 by Brittany Bishop
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