Alison Chase Work-in-Progress Photos

For the past week Alison Chase has been at MASS MoCA working with a slew of dancers and technical collaborators to translate Gabriel Garcia M√°rquez’s famed short story¬†The Handsomest Drowned Man in the World into a new multimedia performance she will be premiering later in 2011. It’s always fun to see an artist’s process and see a performance go from dream to reality during our residencies. Below are a few photos of what the group has been working on during their time at MASS MoCA.

Chase and co will present a sneak peek of the production on Saturday, September 25 at 8 PM. For only $10 you can be a part of the audience for this special showing. Hope to see you at the show!


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YouTube Preview Image

Check out this video of Meta & the Cornerstones Reggae Soul Dance Party on September 4.

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Lickety Split menu for Reggae Soul Dance Party

Our friends at Lickety Split have put together a great themed menu (see below) for the Reggae Soul Dance Party on Saturday, September 4. Plan on coming early to wander through the galleries (open until 8 PM) and grab a bite to eat before the show from LS.

Lickety Split Reggae Soul Dance Party Menu:

Jamaican Plate: Jerk Chicken Kabobs with Grilled Pineapple:

Chicken and Pineapple Kabob,¬†Peas, Rice, and¬†Howlin’ Hot Papaya Cole Slaw.

Vegetable Curry:

Vegetable Curry,¬†Peas, Rice, and¬†Howlin’ Hot Papaya Cole Slaw

Jamaican Wrap:

Jerk Chicken in a Flour Wrap, Lettuce, Peppers, Onions, and a Cilantro Cream Sauce

Served with Sweet Potato Chips

Grilled Chicken Quesadilla

Howlin’ Hot Chicken Papaya Coleslaw

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Video Vortex 8-20-10

Video Vortex = a weekly installment of our favorite videos from MASS MoCA artists and trailers for upcoming events, plus a few random viral creations as well.

Nomadic Wax

This Film + Live Music event is going to have you throwing your hands up in the air. Below is a trailer for the Award Winning Documentary Democracy in Dakar screening before the bands get this Dance Party rockin’

YouTube Preview Image


Oh Califone! Your melodic roots rock gets me every time. First watch Califone do what they do best, then watch the trailer for All My Friends Are Funeral Singers.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Meta and the Cornerstones

Did someone say Reggae Dance Party? Yes, yes we did!

YouTube Preview Image

Happy Friday,

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Kids explore the artist’s toolbox

Our fabulous Education Intern Kate wrote a great blog about our July Gallery Quest. Take a look at what we created last month and then follow the link at the bottom of this blog to reserve your spot on the next Quest!

Last month, we hosted the first Gallery Quest of our Summer 2010 season. Gallery Quest is an opportunity for our younger patrons to engage with current exhibitions by creating their own artworks within the galleries. In lieu of the many mediums currently employed in our exhibition spaces, the theme for this event was “The Artist’s Toolbox,” thus emphasizing the different materials all of us can use in order to create art.

As it turns out, art-making in the galleries was a perfect way for us to kick the gloom brought on by the blustery weather and we had quite the turn out. We began our quest looking at Petah Coyne’s sculpture Untitled # 638, Whirlwind and questioned what materials we normally use in art: crayons, pastels, markers, paint. Our astute questers determined that Coyne in fact uses black sand as one of the materials in her pieces, and demonstrated their mastery of the medium in the creation of their very own black sand drawings:

But we quickly learned that Coyne also incorporates many other materials in her sculptures, including silk flowers dipped in colored wax. On the next step of our quest, we went on to look at another sculpture titled Scarlett to check out how to make our own types of flowers. Layering different colors of tissue paper together, we created a bouquet of beautiful tissue flowers:

Next, we headed into Material World: Sculpture to Environment to look at Wade Kavanaugh and Stephen Nguyen’s White Stag. Here we investigated how the artists twisted and turned paper in order to create an old growth forest. We each hand twisted and rolled white paper and taped it to cardboard to create our own miniature trees:

Our last gallery stop on the quest was a visit to the Sol LeWitt Retrospective to explore the artist’s use of two-dimensional colors and forms to realize wall drawings. Here, the questers thought about depth and dimension and how the use of color and shapes could make the walls look three-dimensional:

The quest ended outside of Kidspace where we combined what we learned looking at the LeWitt wall drawings to create ultra psychadelic three-dimensional felt shakers. We layered different colors of wool felt material around plastic toy eggs in order to create fun shakers that make music. The questers came up with completely original designs by picking their favorite wool colors and combining them in order to create unique color patterns, just like how Sol LeWitt’s color combinations could create different hues:

Our next gallery quest will be held on Saturday, August 28, at 1 PM, when we explore various environments created in the MASS MoCA galleries. We hope to see you and your little art lovers there.

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Solid Sound Festival Feedback

It’s official. We survived Solid Sound Festival weekend. Not only did we survive, but we succeeded in putting on a music festival that made a big impression on everyone who attended. Over the past few days we have been inundated with positive feedback from the festival so we thought we’d share a few of our favorite comments here.

Photo Credit: Rick Levinson

From the Twitter Feed:

MusicGeekSvcs:¬†#solidsound 3 cheers to the MassMoCA and Wilco crew for a flawless day 1 at Solid Sound. Pronto was a pleasant surprise. Mike’s got soul!

anniesezso:¬†#solidsound This decade’s Woodstock for the Hipsters

beaucolburn: Been here 20mins and I can already tell coming was one of the best calls I’ve made in ages. Incredible.

theRSL:¬†Love the fact that there’s a live comedy stage @MASS_MoCA – just a brilliant idea #SolidSound

marcc212:¬†I mean, seriously perfect on every front:music, comedy, the grounds, exhibitions, food/drink…& tweedy in the dunk tank. #wilco #solidsound

JaminDime: Mavis Staples has one of those gorgeously booming voices. I got the chills.ahhhh #solidsound is where its at

paulcalypse:¬†Might have been the best Wilco show I’ve ever seen. Lots of rare tunes for the hardcore fans. #solidsound

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