Cinematic Ventures in the Sol LeWitt Retrospective

Education intern Kate fills us in on lobby question number 2.

Our second installment on the question board in the lobby queried what movie patrons felt should be set in the Sol LeWitt Retrospective. The 105 wall drawings on view in Building 7 generated many ideas for actual films, but fictitious ones as well.

One thing that makes the Sol LeWitt Retrospective fantastic, is the fact that viewers are continually able to revisit it, and, quite frequently notice something (or many things) new each time they enter the galleries. The eclectic variety of movie titles demonstrated individual reactions to the different phases of LeWitt’s career represented in the Retrospective. Responses included family favorites, musicals, and contemporary films.

Here are some of our favorites:

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Tweet Pics

Artist Natalie Jeremijenko stopped by the museum a few days ago to install a bird watching/tracking camera near her upside-down tree installation Tree Logic.

Any predictions on what she will see? We’ll keep you posted if Natalie shares any info she gets from the camera!


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Video Vortex 7-6-10

Video Vortex = a weekly installment of our favorite videos from MASS MoCA artists and trailers for upcoming events, plus a few random viral creations as well.

Uncle Rock

I got you and your little music lovers a full ride scholarship to Uncle Rock U.

YouTube Preview Image

Clare and the Reasons

Below are two clips from Clare and the Reasons’ appearance on BBC’s Culture Show. The first is Better With Out You and the second is a lady-licious cover of Everybody Wants to Rule the World.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Nomadic Wax

A taste of what you can expect from the Pan-African rap collective African Underground All-Stars at the Nomadic Wax event.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Califone: All My Friends are Funeral Singers

I’ve been in love with Califone for a long time. Now you should be in love with them too.

YouTube Preview Image

Happy Friday,

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ISO peaceful contemplation of our art?

Then we recommend you visit our galleries any day but August 14 and 15.

There are definitely still tickets available for Wilco’s Solid Sound Festival on August 14 and 15, but if you are only interested in seeing the art on display, we recommend you choose a different day for your visit if possible. Tickets to the festival include admission to the galleries. We anticipate 5000+ people in the galleries over the festival weekend.

We are open regular hours, 10 AM – 6 PM, on both Friday, August 13, and Monday August 16.

If you can only visit on August 14 or 15 please arrive as early as you can (the galleries are open at 10 AM.) There are satellite parking lots on Route 2 and Route 8 with shuttle service to the museum entrance. You can download a parking/ shuttle bus map and schedule from our web site.

Although Solid Sound is our biggest draw of the summer we have events every weekend. Upcoming highlights include:

  • This Saturday, August 7Uncle Rock at 11:30 AM
  • Also THIS Saturday, August 7 — Alt Cabaret (hopefully outside under the stars) with Clare and the Reasons at 8 PM.
  • Saturday, August 21A Night of African Film and Music by Nomadic Wax featuring the documentary Democracy in Dakar about the influence of hip hop on Senegalese politices followed by sets from Group Saloum, Boston’s hottest Afropop band and African Underground, a pan-African rap collective.

Remember, our galleries are always open until 7:30 on nights when we have performances. You can combine a visit to the galleries with dinner and a live performance.

Or, embrace the Solid Sound Festival and buy a festival pass which will get you into the galleries and give you the chance to hear non-stop great music all weekend long.

Its Wilco’s only East coast appearance this summer.

5000+ fans can’t be wrong.

Posted August 5, 2010 by MASS MoCA
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What would you give Sol LeWitt?

We are embarking on a fun project with Cabinet, a two-part exhibition where we are inviting you to make an “exchange” with Sol LeWitt. Though most artists exchange with others at some point, Sol seemed fully committed to it as an artistic code of conduct, a way of life. His exchanges were not limited to well-known artists — Sol consistently traded works with admirers whom he did not know but who had nevertheless sent their work to him, as well as amateur artists with whom he interacted in his daily life.

For Sol, the act of exchange seemed to be not only a personal gesture, but also an integral part of his conceptual practice. In addition to encouraging the circulation of artworks through a gift economy that challenged the art world’s dominant economic model, Sol’s exchanges with strangers have the same qualities of generosity, and risk, that characterized his work in general. This kind of exchange was designed to stage an encounter between two minds, outside the familiar confines of friendship.

If we consider the process of exchange as another of Sol LeWitt’s instructional pieces, then the rational (or irrational) thing to do is to continue to exchange work and ideas, if only symbolically, with him.

We invite you to exchange with LeWitt by submitting work for consideration for a two-part exhibition (one part at MASS MoCA, one part at Cabinet offices in Brooklyn). Details on what to submit and how are on our website.

Posted August 4, 2010 by MASS MoCA
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