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As Tripod Versus the Dragon show time approaches, fantastic Performing Arts interns Maggie and Jesse have been increasingly excited about seeing our resident artists in action. They decided that they wanted to get to know Scod, Yon, Gatesy, and The Dragon a little better, and are sharing the wealth. Take the quiz below or on facebook and see who you are most like!

1. What is your spirit animal?

a. A dog. But a lazy one that sleeps in front of the fire all day

b. Panther

c. The mighty shitzu…

d. Manticore

2. Describe your perfect vacation

a. A skiing one. With a cinema

b. Beach. Water. Good times. Standard sorta thing

c. Anywhere as long as the rest of Tripod are there with me… and a nice cold case of Busch

d. Beach, bikini babe, Xbox

3. What is your favorite article of clothing and why?

a. A t-shirt with Expo ’86 on it. Looks good and is comfortable in equal measure

b. My newest article – thermal underwear. But I haven’t been wearing them… I thought it was supposed to be cold here!!

c. It is amazing how warm the simple under-pant can keep you. I should know, I just ran out

d. My hoodie with a picture of a robotech mech on it. It’s warm and it’s got a picture of A ROBOT

4. If you were trapped in a snowstorm, what or who would you want to be there with you?

a. A friendly Yeti

b. A taun taun (Empire Strikes Back)… learned all my survival skills from that movie.

c. Someone who could build me a home out of their dead lifeless body. Someone I could feed off of – maybe a cow? Or Scod Edgar (cast member)? Dunno

d. Elana Stone (cast member) because she’s really nice

5. My favorite video game is ____________

a. Portal

b. Uncharted 2 or Galaga

c. Alex The Kidd because it’s not very scary

d. Elder Scrolls Oblivion

6. What is your slow jam?

a. One Year of Love by Queen

b. Holiday in Cambodia by Dead Kennedys

c. What A Fool Believes by Doobie Bros’

d. The Ride by Joan as Policewoman

7. You mysteriously find a teleportation device in the basement of MASS MoCA… where do you go first?

a. I’d say home to my wife and kids. I’d get in trouble if I said anything else, wouldn’t I?

b. Probably my girlfriend. She’s in Paris at the moment so that’s a double-boon!

c. Home to get some props and things I forgot to bring

d. Broadway, baby!!!

8. What ordinary item can you not live without?

a. Pants

b. Guitar… Yeah…

c. Spaghetti Bolognese

d. My lucky lung

9. Regardless of genre or era, who would you like to go on tour with?

a. Ben Kweller

b. The Beatles

c. Easy. Rufus Wainwright

d. Mozart sounds like a bit of a tripper

10. What souvenir from far off lands would you bring back to your Beloved?

a. An au pair, but an ugly one so it’s not weird

b. Space rock! I can go that far, right?

c. Yonny (cast member)

d. A hit show


Now count ‘em up and see how your answers line up with the Tripod gang!

If you answered…


Mostly A: You’re most like YON, whose D&D character is named “Sime-Yon”

Contrary to popular myth, Sime-Yon the Mandog is not a man with the head of a dog.  Once fully a dog, Sime-Yon was a knight of the dog clan, the Jingwen, worshippers of the god Fid.  Sime-Yon was betrothed to be married to a dog princess (n.b. Everything from now on in this history can be assumed to be of the dog world, i.e. dog money, etc., unless otherwise specified), Voolash, but on the day of the wedding, a rival clan, the Lantcrs (pron. Lantcrs. – It’s hard to say, yes – but not for a dog) lay siege to the Jingwen village.  Sime-Yon led the counter-attack, felling every Lantcr including Mooth, a spellcaster.  But as Mooth lay nearly dead, she managed to cast a spell which cursed Sime-Yon to have the body of a small man.  Voolash married him anyway, not being at all concerned with looks.  However, they cannot have children.  Well, they could try, but the likelihood of their offspring being some hideous perversion of nature would be high.  Sime-Yon hopes to lift his curse by serving the god Fid with his violent deeds.

Gatesy1Mostly Bs: You’re most like GATESY, whose D&D character is named “Magnox Loudface”

Born Anon Anonface, son of a humble dirt family, Magnox surprised his village after deciding to seek adventure in the outerlands – the outerlands being anywhere beyond the great fence.  On the first night, he got drunk with a troll and they swapped weapons as a joke.  On the second night, he fell in love with a girl who literally stole his heart.  On the third night, Magnox met Nimblefoot and Sime-Yon in a merchant queue.  They were all buying nooble root – a popular hangover cure at the time.  They got drunk together in a tavern where Magnox pledged his unnecessary loyalty to them.  Magnox now travels the outerland in search of his mortal heart and the troll who owes him money.

dragon1Mostly Cs: You’re most like THE DRAGON

Mostly referred to as Something Something due to the fatal repercussions of uttering her real name, The Dragon is a bar room chanteuse, a seductress, a prisoner, and a deadly adversary.  She has a hot-line to the gods but mostly uses it to order rare yacht rock box sets from Ebay.

Scod1Mostly Ds: You’re most like SCOD, whose D&D character is named “Nimblefoot Ardanius”

Nimblefoot Ardanius is distantly related to elven royalty in a long-winded way that would be boring to go into now.  As a youth, he was a promising student of conjuration until he lost an eye and his hand in a horrific scenario, involving an exploding pig.  He bounced around as a hobo for a while, lost, maimed, and drunk, until he was offered a strange deal by a marsh hag.  She replaced his hand with a metal one and gave him the magic bow Spaknok.  The hag cackled that someday she might ask for them back, sort of a permanent lend sort of thing.  Nimblefoot thought this was fair enough.

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Be sure to get to MASS MoCA on Saturday, so you can see your Tripod match in action!

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