Last day to save on Medeski Martin & Wood tix


Price today $25, price tomorrow $29. Buy today and save!

Want to know more about the band and the show? Caleb Hidialis offers a great preview of the Medeski Martin & Wood show on

We found the cool photo above of MMW in concert in Lancaster, PA, on Flickr and the photographer generously gave us permission to use it. Thanks G Slice!

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A day without cranes is like a day without sunshine

Richard, Dante, John, Jason, and Denise are hard at work moving the frame for Inigo Manglano-Ovale’s glass house into Building 5. We got a couple of shots of the start of the installation.

We couldn’t ask for better weather high 50s and clear.  No surprise, we lose a lotta heat when that overhead door is open.

2009 11 10_0827_edited-1

Attaching chains from crane to one piece of the house.

2009 11 10_0823

The crane getting ready to lift its load.

2009 11 10_0824_edited-1

They’ve moved in quite a few pieces already.

2009 11 10_0817

Once the house is assembled over the next few days, Kapiloff’s Glass will come in and measure and then cut glass to fit.  Dante has been taking a bunch of pictures today. We’ll post them to flickr tomorrow.  Stay tuned.

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MMW Radiolarians: the art, the creature, & the albums

mmw blog3

Gearing up for the MMW concert on Thursday, November 12 we’ve been passing the Radiolarians III CD around the office. Almost everyone who has had the disk in their hands has been interested in the cover art. My super amazing pal Meredith did some research about the art and the object that inspired MMW. Gracing the cover of all three Radiolarians discs, the drawings taken from The Radiolarian Atlas of 1862 by Ernst Haeckel document the life cycle of a radiolarian, a type of single celled organism with a dazzlingly intricate exoskeleton.

mmw blog2

Haeckel is credited with discovering and naming thousands of new species and popularizing the studies of Charles Darwin in Germany during the late 1800’s. You can learn a little more about the radiolarian here! 

mmw blog1

Haeckel’s radiolarian drawings served as visual inspiration for MMW’s trilogy of disc’s which has reversed the ‘normal’ recording procedure: the songs were written, then toured on extensively, and then recorded at a later stage in their evolution.

mmw blog

Photo by G Slice.

In an interview with Glide magazine John Medeski commented “Radiolarians was a way for us to create new music all year, keeping the music fresh and keeping ourselves alive as a band as well… the whole point was to keep the improvisational aspect of the music alive. We wanted to stay in the moment.” Watch a trailer for “Fly In A Bottle” a feature DVD the band is releasing with Radiolarians: The Evolutionary Box Set scheduled for release at the end of November. 

Check out more photos of the trio playing live on the Medeski, Martin & Wood Flikr Group page. 

We can’t wait to see what they have in store for us. Is it Thursday  yet? 



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Too-close-to-even-hazard-a-guess elections for mayor in North Adams, Pittsfield, Northampton and probably many other towns and cities across the country that aren’t necessarily on our radar mean that voting  is probably the most important thing you can do today.  Don’t forget, cast your ballot and make your voice heard!

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MMW aren’t afraid of a blizzard, are you?


We are thrilled to have Medeski, Martin, & Wood come back to MM on Thursday, November 12 at 8 PM. The first time the trio was here in 2003 we had 10 + inches of snow which didn’t seem to faze the 800+ people who traveled through the blizzard for a concert that kept everyone movin’ and a groovin’ all night long. Our fabulous company manager Meg is VERY excited to see the band return. Below are Megs’ thoughts on the band’s setlist and more…

What is one of the best parts of going to a MMW concert? For most people I’m guessing it’s the set list, of course. Every MMW fan has a list of songs that they would be crazy excited to hear.

Curious about MMW’s past setlists I went on an internet search which quickly returned Wondering what songs the band played at their last concert or at their February concert back in 2002? MMW setlists has you covered! Below are a few MMW facts I thought were interesting:

1. MMW plays ITAHTLMJ more than any other song. They have played it 262 times since 1992.

2. The most common opener for MMW’s 2nd set is BIG TIME – so much fun live!

3. The most common Encore and most common Closer for their sets is Chubb Sub- It’s cool that it’s the same song!

We have a few more days (10 to be exact!) before we find out what songs the group will play at MM. We have no say what setlist MMW will play here, but I’m curious what your ideal list would be? Or maybe just what songs you are dying to hear live? Some of my favorites are Bubblehouse, Nocturne and I Wanna Ride You. Leave a comment on this post with your list. Who knows, we may even post some of your ideal setlists here!

Make sure to buy your tickets NOW for November 12th and see if they play any of your songs. We are one of the 1st venues the group is playing at on the east coast this month. It’s always fun to go to a couple venues within 2 hours driving distance to get the different sets but everyone knows that the 1st venue is the best!

See you at the show


Help us spread the word about the Medeski, Martin and Wood concert. Post our e-flier (below with HTML code) on your favorite social networking sites by November 10 and we’ll enter you into a drawing for FREE tickets! Just send me a link to every site you post the flier on at (subject line: MMW E-Flier). You can also e-mail the flier to your friends, just make sure to CC me on the e-mail.

500 x 710 E-flier

<a href="">
<img  src=""
width="500" height="710" alt="MMW" /></a>

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